Kedhareswar Reddy

Ac.No - 6911811537

IFSC -KKBK0007453

Kotak Mahender bank

Another lead scammer and cheater...Payment done for leads -- now he has blocked and no reverts..Linked In profile has also been deleted...Have mentioned his account details above and his watsapp number is 8143123467...Amazing that people cheat for a few thousand rupees as well...

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Guys he has updated his profile to keswar reddy!!! Beware of working with him...he is a bloody cheat and liar---just for a mere Rs 5000 he is fooling around...he is neither a lead vendor nor does he have leads...he is just a bloody cheater...BEWARE!!!

Seriously what big time liars you guys are!!! Who the hell is this Mohan proof of me dealing with you Mohan...I have all my proofs of dealings with Kadheswar sure this Mohan Kumar is his fake id...

NO LEADS WERE DELIVERED AND HE BLOCKED HIS LINKED IN ID...Now Mohan Kumar or who so ever you me proofs of if you have any coz liar like yourself just appear out of blue and vanish...And why did Kadeshwar Reddy delete his post? 

Hello Everyone!!!

Our industry is getting filled up with scammers and cheaters so its becoming difficult to carry business this way and these guys cheat for a mere Rs 5000 as well...they are unscrupulous and keep changing ids...Had reported against Kedheswar Reddy whom I had found from Linked In-once funds were transferred profile deleted and whatsapp blocked...reported against him in all forums..unluckily for him he had not deleted his id in this forum--so he thereafter started changing profiles which is nothing new in forums coz there is no one to monitor all this--all forums are opened but no measured taken against these scamsters---Amount is very small but its about ethics...i do not expect these scammers to return my money for not giving leads but they start blaming centers and become victims....This new id--Mohan Kumar who is undoubtedly kedheswar reddy only placed the blame on me saying i take leads and blame vendors where in I have never interacted with such a person so far ---Anyways its very important to take a bold stand against these guys--I have already reported this matter to concerned authorities and my bank and steps will be taken against these scammers.

As a center owner--we already have ample responsibilities on ourself plus handling such cheaters and unscrupulous people who are not bothered stealing money from centers, also has entered our KRA now...As centers we should stick together so as to safeguard BPO industry from such dirty people.

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