The client will provide you online URL of form which center needs to fill and submit it, demo form and demo data will be provided to center on their request.

Approx Time to fill one form will be 20 minutes (at the beginning), based on 8 hrs per day the employee of center can complete 25 forms easily per day.


  • Client needs 20 forms per day, per center employee
  • Working Hours will be in Indian Hours (IST)
  • Working Hours will be 8* hours a day
  • Working days will be Tuesday to Saturday (Sunday & Monday will be off)
  • Working Time will be 9am to 5pm a day (IST)
  • Client will provide training and forward the complete training manual.
  • Center will get training period for minimum 10 international working days.
  • Training period will not be counted in billing
  • Client will be providing online training and demo work
  • Center won’t get any Indian Holidays, only US national holidays are applicable.
  • Center can use any quality check software to maintain high quality score.

Payout: Client will be paying USD 1100 as a fixed Pay for each employee each month. Payout will be on monthly basis. After generation of invoice within 5-7 international working days center will receive their payment. Payment is on fine tuning basis and not pro rata basis.

This fix pay will be till the end of the contract and which can be renewed for 3 years after renegotiated based on quality and productivity, Bank Guarantee will be provided. Payments will be done through wire transfer and no deduction and Hold of any payments, but Client will inform about mistakes so that they are not repeated. If needed, they will send it back for rework. Completing the target of 20 forms per agent per day is mandatory. Center should not make mistake in typing the Home Loan application number, Lender Agency case number & Agency case number, should be taken utmost care of while typing as this three fields are most vital. Also center needs to avoid filling in duplicate forms & leaving blank fields in CRM if relevant data is there in source data.

Client will open Bank Guarantee from their bankers after center goes live within 22 international working days which will be confirmed in your country and payable in your country.




Source of Project : Non Voice


Nature of job : Online Form Filling.


Work Type : Fill the form in online software given in url of USA client.


Shift Timing : 9 am – 5 pm ( can change as per Client requirement)


Target : 20 forms per day per agent


Payout : $1100 per month fixed per agent


Seats per Slot : 10 seats


Available Slots : 3 slots


Total Duration of Contract: 1 year (renewable for 3 more years)


Sign up : Online with Client in USA


Mode of Payment : Wire Transfer

Infrastructure requirement: High configuration systems, Internet back up line & Power back up is must.

Quality Parameter : No accuracy parameters as such if center cannot perform rework will be given. Center needs to complete 20 forms per agent per day no excuses. Also needs to take utmost care while typing Home loan application number, Lender agency case number,Agency Case number which is mandatory, repeated mistakes in this three fields won’t be entertained from Client end. These three fields should be 100% correct, need to take utmost care of.

Online Training : Free  for 10 international working days can be extended by 5 more days depending on the center performance.


Data : Client will be providing on daily basis


Training Period : minimum 10 international working days.


Weekly off  : Sunday & Monday


Working days : Tuesday to Saturday

Non refundable Vendor-ship Charges:  (Refundable if any payout or process execution related issue from Client end) : INR 250000 per 10 seats payable to consultant in India only after sign up with USA Client. This is a Direct Sign Up process and center will deal directly with end Client. Consultant will only help center to get introduced to Client and complete sign up formalities, and act as a SPOC between Client and Center.

We also assist in Complete BPO set up.
For Further Details Please Contact :

Mobile : +91 8820394127/ 8820207843
Email :
Skype : phoenixeserve

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