A Firsthand Trial Report of Kingdom Under Fire Online

DOTA games are becoming more and more popular this year and many well-known developers have likewise thrown themselves into producing such games. Based on Kingdom Under Fire series and hang up in the epic war involving the Human Alliance plus the Dark Legion, the DOTA MMORPG Kingdom Under Fire Online, that's being put together by Korean developer DragonFly, adopts the main works' the backdrop and characters, raises the features of RPGs and strategy games and ultimately shows up as a possible AOS (Aeon of strife) style action MMORPG.

In an AOS game, players train heroes and control heroes to address one another in limited maps. DOTA, League of Legends and also other AOS games have caused a brand new trend in Europe and America and blessed new game genres. Kingdom Under Fire Online and Kingdom Under Fire II put together by Blueside are Aura Kingdom Gold for sale very different. The latter an example may be an RPG or action RTS, even though the former the first is an action RPG that sets from the background of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom and props up first and third person perspective.

Click "Barracks" inside the upper right corner on the hall interface and choose "Hero Acquisition" to buy heroes at the cost of game coins or mall points. Please take note of the target hero's faction. If you buy an individual hero, you are unable to use it within the Dark Legion, thus take into consideration your favorite faction carefully before purchase.

The basic game mode falls into teaching, training and friendly match. Currently, 3 maps can be obtained, requiring players to destroy the opponent's defensive and offensive buildings and defeat the ultimate boss to win. In an arena map, players who gain probably the most points by using killing enemies will win.

The game controls are easy. Press the W, A, S, D secrets to move around, makes use of the mouse or scroll wheel to vary perspective, press the Shift factor to view your character's frontal side, press the Tab factor to get info regarding the Buy Aura Kingdom Gold two hostile sides, click on the R factor to generate a shield to resist attacks for 6 seconds, go through the Z factor to teleport your character returning to your faction stronghold. Characters will likely be immune to any damage while being teleported.

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