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Aura Kingdom is often a free-to-play MMO from Aeria Games. Your character is among a handful of classes of beings whorrrre gifted with special abilities using a mystical cube called Gaia. You can call upon Eidolons as companions and warrior-pets and battle against eachother with a world packed with critters and criminals, and customarily have an adventure all around the landscape to help those and discover your abilities.

Aura Kingdom is beautiful, that's generally not just a surprise for just a game whose basic art inspiration is clearly anime. The color palette and a lot of of the visual choices strongly reminded me of playing fighting games inside the arcade back when I was a youngster, especially during combat sequences. The art design of all the buildings, stonework, and landscapes contains the soft color shadings we've seen in other MMOs including the Buy Aura Kingdom Gold upcoming WildStar. There aren't many hard outlines a lot like Final Fantasy XIV aside from on player characters, knowning that can be disabled inside the UI.

Graphically, essentially the most distracting bit from the UI would be the text itself. There can be a fairly standard layout of windows, chat from the lower left, quests from the right, map within the upper right corner. However, the font size rather than having some type of graphic behind the text to separate it in the regular gamespace caused it to be difficult to see the chat and miscellaneous windows until I found the option within the settings to set a frame around them. While there were a ticker running through the top announcing players' achievements, that it was far less intrusive than similar tickers on other games. Much like having the Titan Panel add-on in World of Warcraft, it is not difficult enough to ignore.

As is normal in many games, you can find female non-player characters whose anatomy and costumes are governed by jiggle physics, but I was really a bit amazed at how few there are. They did, however, increase the risk for few with jello within their shirts almost distractingly blatant. Fortunately, the vast majority with the game avoids that trope, and I was glad to see that the rest on the female body shapes were cost effective for the genre along with the audience. In fact, another challenge with the graphics in the Aura Kingdom Points game is that nearly all NPCs has used precisely the same dozen possibly even character models, simply with various attire or maybe just a recoloring with the same outfit. After awhile, I started thinking I lived on the planet of clones.

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