announced German version in the MMORPG Aura Kingdom

The MMO created by X-Legend intentions to take you while on an extraordinary journey. Here about to catch traveling alone, but sometimes bring you the Eidolon as being a companion for your side. This is not, you can find ordinary pets who Eidolon evolve during the entire game which enables it to get to powerful combat skills. You are even in a position to Aura Kingdom Points perform with the Eidolon special Como attacks. In addition, you are eligible the Eidolon also send on errands and save your entire adventures in their memory. In addition, you are entitled to philosophize with all the Eidolon also about your exploits.

"Aura Kingdom could be the game with all the best quality, that ever existed in this particular genre, so we look forward to presenting it to your fans strained," said Pascal Zuta, CEO of Aeria Games Europe. "We have put many effort specifically when localizing the overall game into German in order to guarantee that each detail we like all of our German fans."

Aura Kingdom also provides a special skill system through which you are eligible to quickly adjust determined by skill trees gameplay. You begin your adventure with with one with the eight selectable weapons but you are allowed also opt for a secondary weapon later. Thus equipped, it sets over to explore the large anime fantasy world and still provide you the many dangers there.

X-Legend is called the developer with the Buy Aura Kingdom Gold popular free MMORPG Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia. The German version of Aura Kingdom will begin this summer and following very successful French and English versions. The German version from the MMO will launch content for a passing fancy, current status because the other language versions.

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