For developers of The Witcher 3, the storyplot has always been more valuable than battles with monsters

In a conversation with portal about the storyplot The Witcher 3 and ways in which the developers were move the POE Trade planet created by Andrzej Sapkowski in a very video game, Marcin Bloch of CDPR asserted a good imagination - an element many Polish studios.

"All known Polish game - by way of example, This War of Mine - combines professionalism in work and amazing imagination. Our products have a very soul. This soul notice and appreciate players, this also also applies to RPG », - said Marcin.

Imagination originates, as outlined by Marcin, from enthusiasm of the many developers The Witcher paper role-playing games through which he unquestionably greatest role plot, the roll-out of history and depth of character development and peace, but not throw dice.

"It was essential to create a convincing world where the Buy POE Items characters have depth, along with their dialogues - are multi-dimensional. The history, the storyplot has always been for many people, more vital than fighting with monsters. The Witcher 3 could be the culmination of the vision ", - concluded Marcin.

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