Great offer for everyone! online/offline projects,.

Our company deals in International bpo Projects
with complete payments As per work done
on completion of project.

Bpo projects we have:

1] finance data Entry Project
2]health care data entry project
3]stock material data entry project
4]proof reading project
5]numerical entries project
6]indexing online form filling project
7] mortgage online Form Filling project

Services provide by us:

Training (for 7 days)
QC software ( extra will provided)
Technical support (for 11 months)

Monthly payment in lacs

Legal Agreement(11 months)provided
as a security purpose...
We provide affordable data entry services.
We give you accurate service of
data entry work with quality assurance
and cost saving.
We provide a wide range of form filling projects.

Key features of services:
§ Training(online and onside training)at your center.
§ Tech support provide by us till entire
duration of the project.
§ extra QC software(increase your quality of work)
§ Legal agreement (For security purpose.)
Running centers: Across all over india.

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