‘H1Z1’ Boss Says ‘World of Warcraft’-Style MMOs ‘Are Over’

World of Warcraft is amongst the most successful games out of them all, breaking multiple gaming records throughout its several years on the market. Blizzard’s iconic MMO has seen several updates since its release, including last year’s Warlords of Draenor, and it has had a large effect on gaming and pop culture. Indeed, Blizzard’s influence has become so widespread how the Warcraft universe is even set to experience a feature film adaptation using a cast including Dominic Cooper.

Occasionally, however, World of Warcraft feels as though it is some distant fossil in the gaming past. With a gameplay style built around sessions that run all day upon hours, multiplayer raids requiring strategic teamwork, along with Cheap Warmane Gold an extreme volume of player dedication, Blizzard’s title looks like the antithesis of recent day gaming. After all, WoW is a the opposite end with the gaming spectrum to pick-up-and-play mobile titles and Modern Warfare-esque shooters.

According to a new lead designer on earth of MMO games, current gaming trends will continue going against Blizzard’s gaming giant. John Smedley, president of H1Z1 developer Daybreak Game Company, has said how the era of World of Warcraft-style MMOs is “over.” Smedley, who had previously been speaking to GamesIndustry, instead believes that gamers will look towards games with shorter single session times.

The head of Daybreak Game Company, which had been previously referred to as Sony Online Entertainment prior to the studio was sold off in February of the year, has position the change into how much time users are likely to give to games. Smedley believes that H1Z1 can be a “session-based online game” rather than MMO, that has a 45-minute long average playtime that fits the modern gamer greater than the raids of World of Warcraft or Everquest. Smedley stated that developers “need to vary with the times,” and this Daybreak is seeking to target a “broader variety of games and gaming styles.”

Some MMO fans may raise their eyebrows at the idea that World of Warcraft as well as its contemporaries are outdated, however. World of Warcraft remains to be one on the most popular games in the marketplace, with well over 10 million users subscribed towards the end of 2014. The game has to date resisted breaking by reviewing the business model, despite numerous competitor MMOs utilizing the route to Outland Gold free-to-play. World of Warcraft’s influence remains prevalent, too, with Bungie’s hit shooter Destiny hybridizing MMO and FPS, offering gamers group-based raids.

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