Dear Call centers/Consultants/Outsource or anyone related to BPO... Keep the Forum clean and this is one of the best forum so do follow guidelines.

How to stop this Fraud and Fake processes in Market, We can at least reduce the level of fake consultants to the new Centers. NEW CENTERS or CENTERS kindly check wit us before u proceed Specially with Non-Voice processes and some of the Voice processes.

DO's and DONT's - note that firstly u are a business man/woman and act as one instead of thinking as a call center owner. - new centers or centers with 5 to 10 seats specially make sure what it takes to own a center. Do respect your time and other communication with the outsource you are dealing with.

- too many centers are wasting time and again chasing non-voice processes and i had repeated many times before that there are hardly an processes in the market which r Genuine. which means out of very 100 there are 98 fake. which means have to go thru a dirt to find a outsource who is genuine and this is where the time is getting wasted in terms of investment and money.

- any non-voice which has accuracy of less than 99% or 99.5% and if the project says its from usa then its fake. I dont know about domestic non-voice what it is the actual parameter. legally.

- would like to ask u a question when u get projects just think they write quality parameters 95% and above we will pay u X amount and 95%-90% Y amount and 85-90 Z amount ...... its all nonsense. Do u think client have time to recheck and pay u on top of it. they would rather do it in the ie own co. then why outsource it. thats why non-voice is actually a very tough in terms of processes where quality is concerned and they have strict of 99-99.5% - pls use ur common sense why pay to a consultant upfront if he /she says they have genuine non-voice. yes let them either take a cut from billing or if they want to charge a fee let them get u connected with the client and get all ur questions answered.

- I also understand the Genuine Outsourcers or consultants being afraid what if they dont get the Fee Amount. what you can do is come to an agreement where by its easier for center and urself as far as the commercials are concerned. As far as consultant/outsourcer who r genuine also have a fear factor that if we give them the link of the client they will bypass, in that case a consultant should have good relationship with the client, so even if the center try they will fail.

- for the centers who wants to be under non-voice have two choices really. one try to get ur own client and the best is to get it from ur domestic market and thru ur own referral contacts and second have a marketing person who can visit and have your portfolio ready and intro to the co.s what u do. and lastly go thru 98% fraud persons to find 2% genuine is a very high risk. NOTE that any processes that one sees with Brand name or MNC specially if its INBOUND is a fraud. Unless that person is a Sub-Contractor to the MNC co. Also the law and MNC co. do not permit or outsource it to a consultant to put in Forum :) so use ur common sense and for this i blame the owners of call centers and thats why we are having more fraud cause u guys are attracting them more to the industry rather than vice versa. you cannot stop this fraudulent scam or fraud but what u all can do is minimize as much as possible. and in that way there will be less fraud.

- do not use anybody's name or co's name without any proof here. - seen centers knowing that they know they cant get genuine they still waste month after month and at same time waste a lot of time and money in process.

- Outsourcer/consultants should not take upfront but yes u have a right to charge a fee(Nominal) and percentage. specially dealing with voice u need to get them connected with the client/vendor/marketing services outsourcing(representative) this will help the call centers know ur genuine. many points to add but in order to minimize the mess the owners of centers have to use logic and common sense to get fraud consultants out from the market or minimize it....

All the Best for a NEW Beginning in 2014.

All the best to everyone of you. if anyone has any questions they can contact me

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Comment by rashmi on December 16, 2013 at 12:48pm


Nice post! I think I've read these same lines on some other blog as well. But long as the intention is good..never mind..

But Can you discuss, why do people (comsultants) outsource projects at all..outbound projects with pay out of 1000s of dollars weekly, with no upfront.

If its so lucrative and such high payout, won't they do it themselves.? I mean all of us know, its no big deal to open a call centre.. it may be pretty big to manage it well, but every consultant, almost every consultant claims to be running a bpo himself as well, and if they are already running a BPO themselves, why would they outsource a project that pays $4000 every week for generating few leads.

Any comments from any esteemed members are more than welcome.


Comment by ERIC CARTER on December 17, 2013 at 2:45am

Having gone through your post, it really appreciated for seeing effort from users like you putting down your views on making this forum much more clean.

If anyone require genuine process without upfront can get back to me. 

Comment by ravi kumar singh on December 17, 2013 at 7:54am

i m interest in domestic call center inbound process .hv u  any inbound domestic process .plz details send me on    

Comment by Bibhuprasan on January 18, 2014 at 8:09am

Thanks@Sahyadri Global Service Solution for your post.

We should try to clean our system...

Comment by Leonard on March 1, 2014 at 11:06am
I'm an investor thank you for you suggestion.


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