oday at 23:00 Moscow time comes a brand new addition Incursion - «Intervention" - with the Path of Exile , that will bring by using it a unique location and also a host of the latest items.

In test league Incursion you meet researcher Alva shaft, which seeks Atsoatl, ancient temple treasure Waal. Go back over time to find out within the temple and change the story plot to get untold riches.

When Alva meeting will open a portal which takes you to Atsoatl temple during its construction. Killing the inhabitants with the temple, you'll be able to Buy Chaos Orb extend your short-term intervention. Your visits for the temple that can help find its location Alva in this, it will be easy to influence its contents and find valuable rewards.

After a large number of interventions during Alva locate Atsoatl temple in our. Together, you might explore the jungle, may find the temple and take his treasure. Each type of room temple have their own unique risks and rewards.

Your actions in past times will have significant consequences: killing Architects Baal, who lead produced, you might affect within the rooms inside finished version from the church in today's. During your surgery, you may find the keys that will open the doors towards the past, for getting access to additional rooms from the future.

Traveling in the past and making Architects Baal constructed to further improve the room, you'll be able to get all the more valuable treasure. Many superior rooms keep a standing reward, but as well make the temple more dangerous.

Details from the additions is found on the Buy Chaos Orb official website on the game. On Xbox One, it will come out on June 4th.

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