Path of Exile December Patch to Focus on PvP

In a whole new post on the Path of Exile forums, producer Chris Wilson made a substantial post detailing the attention of December’s update being on PvP.

The update, which is to be numbered 1.3.0, will introduce the games first PvP season. PvP seasons will likely be home for tournaments of several lengths and free-for-all events inspired with the Sarn Arena. Each season can last roughly monthly and provide unique alternate art items as prizes to earn together with the equivalent to Demidgod uniques accessible for the best players to snag.

For this first PvP season, espect 1v1 level 28 dueling to become the primary focus. Future seasons will shift to concentrate on different types of events, like team based combat. For those concerned with this changing builds drastically and ruining balance, don't worry, for Chris also said inside the post that,

We’ve been placing lot of effort into helping the tools for PvP balance. We want to ensure that we can balance skills and damage scaling in ways that doesn’t get a new core PvE game. In order to give players the instruments to combat various popular builds within the PvP metagame, we're also designing unique goods that are both very helpful for PvP characters but have some niche uses in PvE (like Dream Fragments).

Aside in the new PvP features, expect you'll see new challenge leagues as well as other tweaks and bug fixes likewise. The details of those additional changes are going to be revealed more detailed release. Let me know if you're searching forward to all the changes to Path of Exile inside the comments below even as we slowly make our method to

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