Path of Exile - Important Trade System Changes

For many trade players within the Russian version in the action RPG Path of Exile is one in the main elements on the game. But in case you do not trade regularly, you might almost always need something to promote or buy.

Trading from the game is quite specific and pushes the squad need to use third-party software as well as the creation of trade in a number of forums. This problem is named on to Buy POE Currency fix changes the premium sections personal trunk.

Any premium portion of personal trunk could be marked as "open", allowing developers of shopping sites for getting information about the objects inside. Near the opening with the tab option, it is possible to set additional properties: may have all the items around the same price, or each are going to be estimated separately.

Here you may put a value on the tab items. This way you are able to sort items within the tabs together with the prices without setting prices for a particular item.

In addition, for each individual item is usually set individual price. Right-click about the object in the open tab, open a unique menu with price adjustments and currency selection.

at on this occasion API will only be opened directly GGG for your developers' specific trade sites. API will probably be available to developers of shopping sites right after updating the exit, but to generate changes for the POE Items site is going to take time.

That is, the computer will not work within the first minutes following your update 2.2.0, so the initial few days, the group recommends that you employ the standard strategies to trade.

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