Path of Exile: The Weirdest Builds

Because from the intense degree of customization possible in Path of Exile, there are tons of unique builds. So far, nearly all of mine are actually fairly basic, but even those can incorporate some interesting mechanics. For example, my Flicker Strike character. He consumes an Endurance charge whenever he attacks, hence the entire build is situated around generating more charges. Or my Whispering Ice character, that shoots a beam of flame like a beacon for where ice storms should fall. The point is, there’s plenty of crazy items you can do, and I’ve barely scratched the outer lining. This article is everything about the POE Goods weirdest Path of Exile builds we’ve encountered during our time wandering the wastes of Wraeclast.

This build is truly one of my favorite builds in Path of Exile, at the very least conceptually. It’s called an “AFK” build for just a very simple reason: it is possible to literally leave behind bosses and kill them. The entire build was created around survivability and damage reflection, and doesn’t even require human input. Now, I realize this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but there's something you should know about the AFK build. It’s expensive if you would like clear advanced level content. You need top tier items there or you’ll just die. It’s also incredibly slow. Sure, it can perform some higher level content easily, but a few hundred builds that can perform that. The fact that this blog takes ten or thirty times longer causes it to become likely the very least efficient build amongst players. That being said, it’s an appealing proof of concept.

This build was pioneered by Chilifreak at least a year ago. Since then, it’s been nerfed into oblivion, but as from the most recent patch, the AFK build has returned. It uses a few things that allow you to gain massive numbers of health, in addition to several key gems. Cast when Damage Taken gems let you output damage, and they are the majority of your links.

You deal problems for yourself also, to be able to proc your Cast when Damage Taken set ups. The self-damage is definitely mitigated, but enables much higher damage output. Overall the build has become the Buy POE Items most interesting build I’ve experienced. This is the kind of thing that creates me love Path of Exile. If you’re serious about playing this build, watch the video above or have a look at his forum post (in video description). The build currently is in a decently cheap state in case you just want to experiment with it, so have fun! Keep in mind that the leveling is rather painful.

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