Single Line Two Functions: Calling and Faxing

General scenario of using the phone and fax services is to use two different numbers: One for the Phone aka Voice calling and another for the Fax. What if I say you can take benefit of both of these applications, calling and faxing, via single number. Just one main business number that you can use to make and receive calls as well as to send and receive fax! Unbelievable!?.

This is possible. We have made it possible. We are known for our innovative solutions. We are proud to say we offer the most advanced communication and collaboration solutions and now we have come up with the solution that can resolve concerns related to handling different numbers for call and fax related operations.

Our engineers have invented a solution that they can implement for you as well. Once we deploy this unified communicationsolution in your telecom infrastructure, you can use a single line for both calling and faxing. This will bestow many benefits for your organization. Let me share the top 3 benefits of using a single line for calling and faxing:

1. Ease of Management

When you have a single contact number for all different communication related operations, the management will be easier. Not only for your own organization, but also for your customers! They will not need to manage multiple numbers and juggle with those different numbers to reach you. This will also increase customer satisfaction.

2. Reduce Cost

This is a simple fact when you will remove a separate fax line, you will not need to bear any cost related to that number. It will remove your recurring expense of retaining that number and related infrastructure. This will be a significant reduction in the cost.

3. Increase ROI

As you can sense the single line for the call and fax will remove additional hassles for both, your employees and your customers. This will reduce additional efforts for communication and management. Thus, you can enjoy increased productivity. On the other hand, the customers will be happy and satisfied. This will help in increased repeat and referral business. As the cost gets reduced, you will enjoy increased returns over investment.

The configuration to deploy this functionality is seamless. Your communication infrastructure will not need to face any hiccups. Contact us to discuss more about this feature and how we can help you integrating this in your infrastructure to empower the unified communication.

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