"TERA Online" trailer "Attack on Titan" cross-border cooperation together with the 10th on-line survey and Irene became a corps

"TERA Online" and Japanese anime "Attack on Titan" limited activities are going to be on 10 to 24 May launch, this cooperation is simply expected to are two weeks, along with the opportunity for role players to make use of khaki clothing tailored fit, sleeve the handsome and tidy and hang up on Tera Gold combat boots cape, get to be the embodiment of the investigation corps, the enormous monster attack game may also be designated area, randomly obtained after successfully defeating "Sasha potato", "Ai even keys" and " super-hard blade, "and so gain props.

Pacific tree from the mysterious power of God's protection, "Dawn Garden", the main is a beautiful and peaceful island, but additionally because it shares lots of people covet the mysterious power source, "Swire God treasures", now in addition to Monster Island level and above monster rampage, however it seems there were a cunning thief within the rebellion.
The official said, "Dawn Garden" is going to be revised to incorporate this special collection was "life essence debris" and "life essence shiny pieces" to supply players another fun game. Through the acquisition is going to be randomized to obtain "skill improves the amount of damage", "cooldown reduction", "power increased crit" or "knockdown immunity" different buffs, significantly increase the combat capability, along with the Buy Tera Gold PS4 opportunity to contact the "West Slave Sri Lanka thief "; the members do not underestimate him Zhangtoushumu a protracted, dark body baked into a myriad of stealing on the collection of treasures, adventurers defeated Xi Nusi if successful, is certain to get Xinu Si chest, have a chance to look at the most senior "silent powder", "different space debris" along with other rare materials to bolster the equipment.

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