TERA’s 'Phantom’s Keep' Update Brings Revamped Dungeons to PC On July 12

Publisher En Masse Entertainment announced how the free Phantom’s Keep update are going to be coming on the PC version of the MMORPG , TERA, for the 12th of July. Keeping on top of their monthly content cadence, Phantom’s Keep heralds the return of two popular dungeons plus some spooky loot.

Following a long time out in the spotlight for revisions, the always popular Dreadspire dungeon returns to TERA with 10 challenges to Warmane Gold for sale evaluate players’ skill, ingenuity, and endurance because they climb the floors on the towering dungeon. Each floor presents its very own challenges and deadly bosses, rewarding dedicated groups who ascend to your highest level that has a chance to earn cosmetic Phantom Armor.

Phantom’s Keep also may include the return on the Manglemire dungeon deep involved with Pora Elinu, where groups can again engage in a battle of wits while using trick-prone mad cyclops Manglemore. The open world Guardian Legion events in TERA will expand, adding a Dragon Hunt event. As with other Guardian Legion missions, players can freely participate with no need to Buy Warmane Gold queue or group program others, simply appear and start fighting!

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