Well its a very easy SEO process wherein a center will be getting a portal and they need to login at any point of time and they need to see the video for 20 seconds. These process does not require any kind of skills as the agent would just be required to login and see the video on you tube on the CRM that they will be getting in. The center can work at any point of time and day according to there preference as this process does not need any time work or what so ever. Kindly be aware the process does not need to sale or promote any services or goods to the customer, all they need to do is to watch videos and they will be getting paid for the same.

The center can work for 24x7 and even in national or international holidays. For each video the center would be watching they will be getting 1.5 canadian Cents for 20 second, if the video is on one minute duration then payout will be 1.50 paisa per video. Videos can be of 20 seconds, 30 seconds or 1 minute. According to the calculation that we are working on what we observed that a center is earning a good money on this process. To make the things more easier let us give a small calculation

20 seconds videos so in 1 minute an agent can watch 3 videos

So in a hour he would be able to watch 180 (60x3)

So in a shift of 8 hours one can watch 1440 videos (8x180)

So a center with 10 seats can watch 14400 video

Now if 1 video is 80 paisa (considering 50 as a canadian dollar in India currency) then 80x14400 = 11520 INR would be the commercial for a shift

Now if some videos are of 1 minute then calculation will be done according to the above stated payout structure.

Now as been mentioned a center can work for 24 hours and 7 days a week one can calculate the commercial he will be earning for the process.

Payout would be weekly. Whatever the billing would be till Monday the same will be disbursed on Wednesday next week. The center need to work till Monday and they will be getting the payment on every Wednesday.

The best part of this process is the more a center see the videos the more they can earn. Every center will be getting a Administrative Portal wherein they can see the money they are generating on every videos, it means that when the center start working they can see the money that will be generated on the CRM.

For this process our consultancy fees would be ,250000 INR per 10 seats payable after sign up with Client. Payments are prompt from Client end. After sign up with Direct Client center can start working within 7 -10 days, complete training provided by Client. In case if the center is not getting their money timely after doing correct work as guided by Client, the center has an option of terminating the process and whatever money they have paid for the process would be refunded to them within 15 working days of escalating the case.

The contract would be for 24 months and if the center performance is good they might get an extension of 1 more year with no extra charges.

Kindly let us know if you have any doubts or needs any clarification

Why should company pay for a just watching a video?

TRP or Media Marketing Carry 33% expense in business turnover. Every business need different platform’s to market whether it is Android Application, Blog, Face book, Twitter, You tube, Daily motion etc...

Every business uses to sell their product on such platforms and wanted to be in the eyes of customers as a brand. These companies which are providing such platforms are attracting small mid and big companies who are in the advertising field to market their customer products online by providing lot of tools and these platforms are used by each and every single individuals who are using smart phones & internet so companies are paying to Advertising Companies a good amount to be always in the eyes of customers via lucrative deals.

We are the one who is promoting these Advertising Company who are working daily on different platforms to market their customer products.

Internet leased line of min 5 to 6 MBPS ( upload & download) one to one connection for 10 systems is must for the project, to ensure that videos can run smoothly without buffering. Also center has to have own VPN to change IP address and watch videos correctly. Indian IPs are not allowed to watch the videos, have to change IP through VPN. Center can watch 15 to 20 videos from one IP address from each system, after that they have to change the IP through VPN. VPN will be provided from Client end and free of cost for first month.

We also assist in Complete BPO set up.
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